Custom House Brokerage

Pridel moves more than 50,000 Shipments across borders annually with ease.

At Pridel, We have been helping companies manage their compliances at borders for more than 25 years.
You need experience for getting your shipments cleared in time without any penalties and this is what you get working with Pridel’s Customs Experts. Our customs professional’s are well informed with all the changing rules and regulations globally, helping you to move the goods hassle free.

No matter whether you are importing or exporting a product there are certain custom rules and norms, which needs to be fulfilled to make sure that cargo gets cleared in time. No matter whether you book your entire logistics with us or just customs clearance, our customs team supervises the entire process and also helps you to procure government licenses like EPCG, Advance Licence or Even IEC hence allowing you to stay compliant with all the regulations.