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Nurturing Talent in Logistics: Culture at Pridel

The last decade has seen businesses undergo a massive shift in terms of growth, competition and consumer satisfaction. While this focus has largely remained external, the latter half of this…

Serving Startups
Future of Logistics Opinions

Serving startups: Defining the next decade of logistics

The definition of business has changed with the times. ‘Startup’ is now more than just a hot word, it’s a term that has defined a whole new generation of individuals,…

Retail In Logistics
Future of Logistics

Deconstructing modern retail and logistics’ role in it

As of this month, all eyes have been on IKEA and the city of Hyderabad as the global retail giant launches it’s first flagship store in HITEC city. Along with…


Budget 2018: Highlights for the logistics industry

The budget for 2018 is out and while there is obvious discussion and analysis around it, we decided to get straight to the point and discuss the highlights of it’s…

Future of Logistics

The modern logistics company: The Process (Part 2)

Continuing the momentum of our renewed commitment to create a modern logistic’s company, we come to the second part of our 3 fold strategy, the process. If you ask anyone…

Future of Logistics

The modern logistics company: Building the network (Part 1)

2017 has been a hallmark year of change for the logistics industry, and with it, Pridel. In the process of adapting to our dynamic market place and adjusting to monumental…


E-Sealing containers through RFID: CBEC’s new technology directive

Technology has integrated itself into the very DNA of modern businesses, and today, there’s not a single opinion, article or discussion about the future of business that is made without…


Green freight is the future of logistics

What is Green Freight? A set of strategies, policies, practices and standards; or measures targeted at the movement of goods via road, rail, marine, inland waterways and air; Aim to:…


Study reveals weak pricing power cuts profits

According to study, “logistics organizations are often the wellspring of their own hopelessness.”   As indicated by another study directed by the global strategy and marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher and Partners,…

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The Logistics of Diwali

It’s Diwali season, which means brands are going full throttle at sales, discounts and marketing strategies to join the gifting boom. While festival shopping isn’t a new concept around the…