Nurturing Talent in Logistics: Culture at Pridel

The last decade has seen businesses undergo a massive shift in terms of growth, competition and consumer satisfaction. While this focus has largely remained external, the latter half of this decade saw these very organisations realise, that in order to make all of the above possible, their greatest asset is their people.

Logistics has seen the same cycle of issues that every other industry faced when it came to managing people (or talent, as some would call it). High attrition rate, low satisfaction and a perpetually underlying disconnect between the individual and the company. Therefore, when we decided to evolve our company strategy for the coming decade, we decided to focus internally first. As advanced as our technology deployment may be, our people, were and always will be our greatest strength and in order to maintain this momentum of growth, even amplify it over time, we needed to ensure that we create and foster a culture that works for the people.

Matching our vision with our team

“We truly believe in innovation, executed in unity, driven by empathy, and performed with excellence”.
Our vision, and essentially our culture, is built on three primary pillars of innovation, unity, empathy and excellence. While innovation and excellence are more performance oriented ideas, unity and empathy bring the emotional balance needed. We aren’t a factory of automated machines, rather a team of people that get together and create logistics solutions.
This meant that our vision couldn’t just be a bunch of words put on a wall. They had to have a genuine connect with the people in this organisation. A vision that wouldn’t be so distant and disconnected to the people who were expected to execute it.

Unity and empathy

Cross functional teams, especially working across different regions have trouble operating on the same page, due to a host of reasons. A lot of this has to do with this underlying doubt, reservation and egos. That’s why when we decided to implement the foundations of this new culture, we ensured a sense of clarity was applied at all stages. This wasn’t something that would be handed down from management or HR without any context. This was something that had to be understood by everyone, and instilled on their own terms. Unity is only possible when there is empathy between colleagues. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and Pridel encourages everyone to bring their best to the table. The moment people try to understand others and the situation, without any bias, is when the team comes together. Execution of a strategy isn’t a competitions, it’s a team effort and that’s what blurs the lines between people. Team work definitely makes the dream work and we are trying to inculcate that at a grassroots level here.

Innovation and excellence

As we mentioned in the beginning, the focus has always been two-fold. Unity and empathy internally would allow the team to further execute our vision with innovation and excellence. We always aim to maintain that balance between functional and emotional intelligence at Pridel. So if someone is willing to master the crafts of our trade, we wanted to build an environment that enables these individuals to try. They will grow, whether they fail or succeed.
In an industry that’s stagnated, staying ahead of the curve means that we are prepared and willing to reward performance and high standards of execution. Whether it’s implementing custom softwares to make our employees lives easier, or creating a culture of contribution for employees to represent Pridel. Through our original content and strategies, we ensure that the people are given a platform to perform their very best and bring their A-game to their respective fields.


This isn’t a strategy that we execute in a short period of time. It’s a culture that we foster over years and imbibe into the ethos of our people, and we’re only getting started.
At the end of the day , this is about Pridel, and Pridel, is about it’s people. For all potential candidates reading this, over the next few months we will share more on our revamped hiring process and updates on how you can be a valuable part of the growing Pridel team around the world.


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