Customer Success : Pridel’s commitment to enhancing logistics for our clients

As a part of our ongoing efforts to transform our services for the future, we identified many areas where we could direct our efforts and improve the current status quo. In this pursuit, we realised that the first and most crucial aspect that needed attention was our customers.
In the process of building the brand, we observed that the thousands of customer interactions we had every day was all contributing to the image, whether negative or positive. This is apart from the fact the customers do drive the core bottom line and performance of an organisation. These insights reinforced our belief in creating a very customer-focused strategy and infrastructure that would evolve around their needs and demands.
Solutions, not quotes
The first interaction with our customers is actually when they’re not yet our customer. We realised the need to adapt to today’s dynamic and agile business operations by working with our clients to create a unique logistics solution, tailored to their requirements, able to adapt to their challenges and that evolves with their growth. This leads us to create solutions, rather than just plain quotes for new clients. Solutions that are driven by dialogue, practicality and a mutual motivation between the client and us to really just get the job done.
Mapping the clients’ journeys
Our next aim is to streamline the clients’ interactions with us and help create a unified, fruitful conversation with them. Whether it’s keeping them updated on their shipments or simply dealing with a daily operational challenge in their transport cycle. This would be achieved with a synergy of technology and physical infrastructure, which is essentially, our people. We would not outright try and automate the whole process because at Pridel, we do believe that humans solve problems, and machines help humans. Not to mention, no algorithm can currently anticipate the complexity of challenges a typical logistics cycle faces and surely can’t match the improvisation skills of our experienced staff.
Beyond the last mile
As we outlined earlier this year, we made a strong commitment to adopting technology as the backbone of Pridel in the coming decades. As a part of this commitment, we are in the process of deploying technological infrastructure that not only aids the client in their current operations, but helps us derive insights for the future. We can then create strategies for our clients that analyse current trends, anticipate future challenges, and help build a long term plan for our clients. This furthers our commitment to them and, in the process, gives us the opportunity to possibly discover insights that can change the way we perceive the logistics industry in totality.
These three strategies are just the start of our long standing commitment to help our clients move forward.  At Pridel, we’re always researching, innovating and executing strategies with the customer and the centre of it all. With that commitment, we would love our current customers reading this to drop us their feedback _here_ or simply reach out to us through your point of contact at Pridel and tell us how we can serve you better for the future.

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