The modern logistics company: Technology as a supplement (Part 3)

Every company’s vision is built through three core ideas. The philosophy, the culture that implements it, and the technology that drives it. This is why Pridel’s commitment to change the logistics industry around the world is predicated on leveraging the ultimate tool of the 21st century, technology.

Ask any logistics veteran, and they will tell you the biggest problem plaguing this industry is lack of organisation. The freight forwarding systems, for the majority of the world have been functioning on outdated workflows and legacy systems. The world’s dependency on transportation has exponentially increased, thus allowing for scalable business models to make their way into these companies. However, they have not adapted to the modern digital infrastructure and this has created some serious gaps in competencies. Due to ever-increasing scale of operations, chances of human error are proportionally  increasing, which causes massive delays and unnecessary investment of time and money in course correction. For a business that aims to grow, spending about half their time and money in fixing errors is not a sustainable strategy. Creating workflows that are driven by technology and robust software systems ensure that our workforce utilises their time efficiently, and focuses on creative thinking and strategising, and leave the analytics to the machine. This greatly reduces our margin for error and gives us an opportunity to identify even greater objectives that we would otherwise not have time for.
This is why we, at Pridel have decided to deploy solutions that bridge the gap between operations and technology through a suite of products. While we cannot currently disclose the exact nature of the products for obvious reasons, we will be revealing much more in the coming months as we come closer to the launch of this brand new solution. Meanwhile, we do want to give insights into the objectives we hope to achieve through these products. As we mentioned earlier, the ever-increasing scale of the logistics industry has created a unique challenge, which can also be viewed as an opportunity, data. Due to the high volumes of transactions, the challenges of data management have increased, but fortunately, it’s solution has also become accessible. By deploying modern machine learning algorithms, we will be able to not only organise the data going through our systems, but also analyse, slice and deliver insights based on them, at an unprecedented rate. These insights in turn give us the ability to truly understand our customers, their behaviour, the nature of trade and commerce. More importantly, it gives us the ability to act on these insights, and further optimise the logistics workflow for every client we work with. Due to the agile nature of technology, any solution can be quickly scaled and deployed around the world, thus ensuring equal quality of service to all our clients around the world.

While there is the distinct challenge of entering an uncharted industry of technology, we believe that with the right partners, we can bridge this long standing gap and create a unique solution with positive business impact on the logistics industry as a whole. This closes our 3 point action plan for 2018, as the final step in creating the modern logistics company, ready to serve the businesses of the world in this digitised economy. While the market is evolving, Pridel maintains it’s steadfast commitment to evolve with it and in the process, positively impact every stakeholder involve with us, from our employees to our clients and everyone in between.

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