The modern logistics company: Building the network (Part 1)

2017 has been a hallmark year of change for the logistics industry, and with it, Pridel. In the process of adapting to our dynamic market place and adjusting to monumental changes in the Indian economy, we’ve taken a long, hard look at how we do things, and thus, how they can be made better. This is what has led us to create our game plan, the ultimate handbook for navigating these interesting waters, roadways and airways in the coming year.

Part 1: The network

Logistics, at it’s core is about movement. Today, that means movement around the world. In a connected economy, and a marketplace primed for billions of dollars worth of movement (sometimes in one day!) a strong, connected global network is crucial for scalable operations.

This is why Pridel has undertaken serious efforts to create an ecosystem that comprises of agents and partners around the world. Every element of this ecosystem is designed to serve one rule, provide the highest quality of logistics services to their client under all circumstances. This is no marketing lingo, it’s a promise that Pridel intends to keep as we enter the new generation of global trade and economics.

The trade is more customer centric than ever

The modern industry is heavily driven by technology, and this has made our market accessibility and transference more seamless than ever. The Indian market has been particularly crucial to this rapid growth of marketplaces. What this means for budding entrepreneurs in India is that they can now factor international operations and audiences into their business plans and execute in a time period far less than what it used to take decades ago. How you ask? Well, picture this, earlier, a standard container transport would mean a business deal between two corporations around the world, so mass consignments would be shipped at designated times and then further sold through the traditional channels (mostly retail stores). Users only chose from what their store kept in stock, in that particular locality at that exact time. Today, if i, as a user, felt like buying something, i simply log on to amazon (or the hundred other portals) and my shipment would be on the way in a matter of minutes. The phenomena occurring here is that a standard shipment is not just between two corporations, now that’s determined by it’s consumers’ demands. That just scaled up transport consignments (intra and international) by multiple fold. Multicultural interactions, pop culture’s growth and a highly dynamic consumer behaviour has increased the volume and relevance of Logistics to a level where this industry has to be as connected as the businesses it serves.

The execution behind the promise. 

Now, to provide the level of service we promise our clients means that it’s not just about opening another office in a new city or country. It means imbibing the same values, fostering a drive for the same vision and harnessing the same potential for execution that Pridel does at it’s global headquarters in New Delhi, India. So we don’t just share excel sheets and emails, we share a common passion to redefine the logistics industry everywhere we go. Further more, this, is just the beginning. Stay tuned to our blog (and our feed for those following us on LinkedIn) and we’ll share with you part 2 & 3 of our grand vision for 2018.


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